About Me

I’m Emi MacLeod, a User Experience and Product Designer. I leverage my visual design background and knowledge of web development to create rich, interactive experiences. I believe that design should be cultural, and use my multicultural upbringing to empathize deeply.

I see things differently, and try to understand how everyone else sees things too.

Where I'm From and Why It Matters

I actually don't know where I'm from, to be honest. My mother is Japanese, my father is Scottish, and I was born in the United States. I've moved 10+ times, have attempted to learn at least five different languages, and can't help but feel at home and out of place everywhere.

Essentially, I'm different. And I like to think that it's a good thing.

My multicultural background and upbringing serve as a defining factor in my design practice. Experiencing a high mobility childhood and several different cultures has helped me cultivate a unique perspective. This perspective shapes not only me as a person, but the work that I produce.

I approach my life and my design process with open-mindedness and empathy, and welcome the opportunity to adapt to change.

Fun Facts

Me in my natural habitat: celebrating with a single glass of scotch, enjoying the company of animals, in an exotic locale (in this instance, Greece.)

I look very serious, but don't take myself too seriously. So, sorry if we meet and you think that I hate you. (I don't! I promise)

When I'm not designing, gaming, traveling, eating, or watching TV, you will find me baking. (I spent a few years as a professional baker as my side hustle!)

Still Don't Trust Me Yet?

Here's some proof that I'm a real person: