Interaction Design

Visual Design

Time Frame

3 weeks


In Progress


Interaction Flow

Working Prototype

High Fidelity Visual Design

Cache allows you to search through video streaming subscriptions efficiently and curate content from a broad variety of services



  • Create product prototype in 3 weeks
  • Learn as many new programs as possible (Principle, Framer, and better understanding of Sketch capabilities)
  • Next Steps: Develop product while learning new computer languages

I initially came up with the concept for Cache while I was on a plane back from CHI conference in Denver. As a lover of most types of media, and a sucker for anything with a good plot, I subscribe to a variety of streaming services, such Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

I wanted to create a way to search through each of these services without having to open up hundred of tabs trying to find it. I decided to make this into a 3 week challenge to find out how quickly I could create an interactive experience as well as learn some new programs.

Literally me every time I search for movies and TV

System Diagram


  • Understand how this system may work if built
  • Ensure there are no gaping holes in logic

I wanted to ensure that I was thinking about this the right way. I had already found an API that I thought would work with this program, but how would it actually work, conceptually? Being able to map out the system and where information was coming from helped me better understand what I was trying to achieve.

Interaction Flow

The next step was to figure out the interaction flow. How would this work? What did I want in it? I stepped back and considered my ultimate goals in creating the application. What did users need to accomplish?


  • Understand user needs
  • Describe various taskflows
  • Figure out what screens needed to be made

Initial, in-flight interaction flow and basic wireframing

Prototyping Techniques


  • Learn Principle
  • Explore Framer
  • Create visual design flats

I used Sketch to design my UI and then created prototypes using Principle. I plan on experimenting with Framer for my next prtotoypes, and potentially exploring new types of interaction paradigms to use within this design.

Using Principle to prototype the current interaction

Current Prototype


  • Explore different types of UI and interaction design
  • Learn new programs such as Principle and Framer
  • Create a clickable prototype that I can use as a basis for my next steps

This is a demo of the current working prototype for Cache. There are other stages that I am in the midst of building out. Check back soon for new states!

Next Steps


  • Complete other states and flows as high fidelity prototypes
  • Test prototype with users
  • Develop product and ship

As this project is still in process I can't reflect on the takeaways yet. I'm excited to continue working on it, but have clearly missed the 3 week timeframe that I originally gave myself! Looking back at what I have already done, I suspect that 3 weeks was probably not enough to master new programs as well as ship a product. I was a bit overconfident on my part, but I'm still glad that I'm pushing and challenging myself.