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A San Diego based Mexican restaurant that required full service visual brand design, year round. Puesto focuses on local, fresh ingredients with a brand to match.



  • Understand Puesto's brand goals and target customers
  • Create a cohesive system of visual design that could be applied to a variety of materials
  • Work within a design aesthetic that was not related to my own preferences

Puesto came to ripe as a taco restaurant based in San Diego and not much else. In a market that is inundated with other Mexican restaurants, all of which can look largely the same, Puesto wanted to stand out. Following the same process as WPA, we recognized the need for a new type of Mexican restaurant. Their focus on fresh ingredients and bright, vibrant flavors inspired the look and feel of their family owned business.

Puesto's visual identity is not one that resonates strongly with my own personal aesthetic, but being able to challenge what I was comfortable and familiar with is always an exciting task. During my time at ripe, I served as the brand manager and lead designer for all visual design related to Puesto and eventually its multiple locations.

Final logomark on Puesto's food truck with custom iconogramic system



  • Create fun, engaging deliverables that feel in brand
  • Accomodate a variety of mediums including digital, print, environmental, and physical artifacts
  • Manage client communication, needs, and expectations
  • Lead visual brand implementation and new design directions

Puesto required many different deliverables for a variety of uses. While working at ripe I had the chance to work closely with both my team and the client to make these into a reality.



  • More involvement with the original web developement and design
  • Exploration of marketing campaign

Daily contact with the client

1.5 years of consistent brand development and management

Learned how to self-manage time, priorities and clients

1000+ hours dreaming of delicious tacos in sunny San Diego