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The Washington Project for the Arts is a D.C. based non-profit that came to ripe for a complete brand redesign. This included visual branding, extensive print materials such as stationery and mailable templates, and a full web overhaul with new back end functionality.



  • Understand WPA's users as well as their brand goals
  • Create a cohesive system of visual design that could be applied to a variety of materials
  • Foster a visual system that allows different types of artwork to be presented

For this project with the Washington Project for the Arts, I actually entered during the ideation phase. Even without discussing directly with the client, my team mates had the information we needed to create a brand that resonated with the organization as well as its users. By capturing their thoughts, their inspiration, and the needs of their audience, I was armed with the data that I needed to move forward.

Initial sketches

Final logomark

Print System


  • Create templates that could be used by non-designers in order to create regular contact with doners and artists
  • Create a memorable, striking, and modern design language that conveys information clearly

The Washington Project for the Arts has many different points of contact as well as different users. We needed to create a system that could easily be repurposed or edited by staff members at the WPA with little effort and cost. We also wanted to consider how the print materials, such as forms, calls to action, and newsletters, could be translated digitally for use as email templates.

Digital System


  • Overhaul back end functionality
  • Redesign both visitor and client facing sites
  • Translate visual and print brand systems into digitally appropriate design language

The WPA also serves as a platform for DC based artists to show their work and potentially sell. We had mny challeneges in getting an artist-facing portal to work with customizable fields and image uploading. Information architexture was constructed before wireframes were made for client approval. Being able to understand how the site would be in use changed how we considered the visual design of the site.



  • Opportunity to user test and iterate
  • Exploration of marketing campaign

It was interesting jumping into a project that was already in progress. Being able to see how I could direct the design work despite not being involved from the beginning was an exciting challenge.

100+ hours of custom logo refinement and execution

3 initial, developed concepts narrowed down to 1

5 designers from start to finish

+50 Experience Points from a project that was relatively early in my career (that much closer to leveling up!)